Peru president to resign over 'vote-buying' scandal

Peru president to resign over 'vote-buying' scandal

In an address to the nation, Mr Kuczynski said the video footage had been edited to incriminate him.

"I've worked for almost 60 years of my life with complete honesty".

"The opposition has tried to paint me as a corrupt person and they have managed to influence a group of reasonable and honest workers around me, getting them unfairly involved in this plot to destroy the government", he said.

Opposition lawmakers have accused Mr Kuczynski of lying to hide his ties to Odebrecht, a Brazilian construction firm under fire for a widespread corruption scandal.

Lawmakers agreed to accept Kuczynski's resignation instead of moving forward with a vote scheduled for Thursday on whether to oust him on grounds he was "morally unfit" to govern, said the president of Congress, Luis Galarreta. Cabello said that with the president gone there would be no "legal power to prevent a country, a member of that multilateral organization (the Summit of Americas), from attending it". The company signed what is considered the world's largest leniency deal with the US and Swiss officials, after paying $2.6 billion in penalties a year ago.

But last month, the president's political situation became more tenuous after Jorge Barata, Odebrecht's former Peru manager, told investigators looking into the so-called Car Wash corruption scandal in Brazil that in 2015 he also paid $300,000 to a "functionary" of Kuczynski's as a contribution to his presidential campaign.

Update: President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski tendered his resignation before Thursday's impeachment vote but continued to deny wrongdoing.

Kuczynski is set to speak at 2:30 p.m.

The clandestine videos released this week by party Fuerza Popular-spearheaded by Keiko Fujimori, the daughter of disgraced President Alberto Fujimori-showed a top official and PPK's lawyer trying to convince a congressperson to support the president in exchange of public works contracts.

Days later, Mr Kuczynski pardoned the feuding siblings' father from a 25-year jail sentence for human rights abuses committed during his decade-long presidency.

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