Final Fantasy VII Remake Still Hiring Core Staff According to Job Posting

Final Fantasy VII Remake Still Hiring Core Staff According to Job Posting

There is no fixed release date for the Final Fantasy VII remake, with Yosuke Matsuda indicating, in a recent financial results briefing, that Square Enix plans on releasing it "in the next three years or so". The recruitment message has info on its requirements and a progress update on the game's development.

It'll be interesting to see if E3 2018 or some other event will provide more details on Final Fantasy VII Remake. The description clarifies that the team aims to remake levels to meet fans' expectations.

By setting up core members from different positions as level organizers, battle planners, and designers and keeping in mind that there already exist persons from the developing team, they all should chip away at this together to accomplish the objective. The job listing uncovers that the organization is looking for a level planner to deal with the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Since it's been over 20 years since the release of the original title, it isn't odd to see developers today, including current employees at Square Enix, who know of characters such as Cloud and Sephiroth but never played Final Fantasy VII.

In addition, those unfamiliar with Final Fantasy VII are encouraged to apply.

Remember how Square Enix has been teasing that a male from a "latter half of the Final Fantasy sereies" would be making their way into Dissidia Final Fantasy? That said, they hope the new recruits have an interest in the theme and can help create the game with fresh new ideas.

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