14 migrants killed as boat sinks off Greek coast

14 migrants killed as boat sinks off Greek coast

The boat, with about twenty migrants and refugees on board, had just set out from the Turkish mainland when it overturned off the Greek island of Agathonisi.

Saturday's incident was thought to be the highest death toll of migrants trying to reach outlying Greek islands in months.

At least 14 migrants, including four children, died when a boat carrying about 20 people capsized overnight in the Aegean Sea, Greek police said Saturday.

Greek police say two people died and seven were injured, a lot of them seriously, when the driver of a auto carrying undocumented migrants lost control while chased by police and the vehicle was upended.

A large search and rescue operation was under way to locate about a dozen more people believed missing.

Police recovered eight more bodies after the corpses of a man, a woman and four children surfaced off the island of Agathonissi. A spokeswoman said it was not immediately known whether they were adults or minors. Three people - two women and one man - managed to swim to the coast and alert authorities.

The UN refugee agency the UNHCR said that 500 people had perished or gone missing in the Aegean in the past two years - adding to the 1,000 who drowned in the narrow channel between Greece and Turkey in 2015 and 2016 at the peak of the migration crisis.

A massive search and rescue operation involving aircraft, the Greek navy and coast guard and a vessel from the European border agency Frontex was underway in the area.

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