US Senate to Debate Trump-Style GOP Immigration Bill

US Senate to Debate Trump-Style GOP Immigration Bill

Anything the Senate approves would need to pass in the House of Representatives and get Trump's signature to become law. Tom Cotton, R-Ark.

The Cotton bill could meet stiff resistance.

"We've shown that the Senate can lead before, and it must do so again", Schumer said. We get back yesterday, what do the Democrats do? Dick Durbin said. "But it is exciting to think that men and women elected to this body, known as the 'greatest deliberative body, ' are finally going to deliberate".

The president has blamed domestic terror attacks and violent crime on the beneficiaries of the visa lottery and family-based "chain migration". The U.S. Supreme Court is now considering whether to take up the Trump administration's appeal of that ruling.

Not really. The bottom line is this - Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised an open debate.

"The Tuesday Trump versus the Thursday Trump, after the base gets to him", is how Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Chris Coons, D-Del. Democrats signaled the Republican immigration plan is a non-starter. They've put something else on the table, according to officials: eliminating the cuts to legal immigration in their proposal, and instead moving the visas eliminated through the ending of the diversity visa program and family migration into other categories.

The Secure and Succeed Act offers a 10- to 12-year path to citizenship for Dreamers. In a bid to fulfill Trump's wishes, Flake's proposal would not allow dreamers to sponsor their parents for permanent residency status - only their spouse and children. And it seems a bit crass to throw the lives of so many immigrants into limbo. In 2013, the Senate voted to grant a pathway to USA citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants, but the effort died in the House of Representatives.

That, he pointedly said, would mean passage by the Senate and the House of a measure "which the president will sign".

Monday's vote was 97-1. Ted Cruz voted no.

Durbin and other Democrats have talked of the possibility of a bill that provides for a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers and additional border security, which could include the construction of more border fencing and other high-tech tools to deter illegal immigrants.

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-NY, visited the University of Louisville on Monday to speak at the McConnell Center, where he discussed whether Democrats can retake the House and Senate during the midterm election.

"Robust debate is not unusual, it's been going on in this country for a very long time", McConnell said.

The ruling came down as debate in the Senate on immigration reform struggled to gain traction, with Republican and Democratic leaders immediately at loggerheads over how to move forward and President Donald Trump warning this was the "last chance" to extend protections to "Dreamer" immigrants. "We're working on our bipartisan, common-sense coalition proposal, which I expect we will be releasing later this week".

The Trump administration rescinded DACA in September and gave Congress six months to come up with alternative legislation for Dreamers.

"Nailing the president down has been next to impossible", he said.

Usually careful with his every move, the Senate majority leader is taking a gamble this week with his pledge for a free-for-all debate over the fate of hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants.

"There's an appetite on both sides and in both chambers to get this done, both helping the Dreamers and border security", Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY said.

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