United Kingdom blames Russian military for 'malicious' cyberattack

United Kingdom blames Russian military for 'malicious' cyberattack

"The Kremlin has positioned Russian Federation in direct opposition to the West yet it doesn't have to be that way", Lord Ahmad also said.

British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson said Russian Federation was "ripping up the rule book" and that London had the duty to respond.

"We have entered a new era of warfare, witnessing a destructive and deadly mix of conventional military might and malicious cyber-attacks", Williamson noted.

"Russia is ripping up the rule book by undermining democracy, wrecking livelihoods by targeting critical infrastructure and weaponising information ..."

Ukraine was the first hit by NotPetya a year ago, with the country swiftly pointing the finger at Russian Federation as the source of the malware.

Peskov, on a conference call with reporters, said the allegations were groundless and part of a "Russophobic" campaign being conducted in some Western countries.

Foreign Office Minister Lord Ahmad took the unusual step of publicly blaming the June 2017 attack on the Kremlin, warning that Britain would "not tolerate malicious cyber activity".

The overall estimated cost was $1.2billion (£850million).

Russian state oil company Rosneft and USA pharmaceutical giant Merck were among the businesses also hit by the attack.

The ministry argued in the statement that the malicious attack had only masqueraded as a criminal enterprise but its objective was principally to disrupt.

It came as Britain directly blamed Putin for the damaging NotPetya cyber attack which targeted the Ukrainian financial, energy, and government sectors.

Russian authorities were behind a "destructive" and "malicious" cyber-attack on Ukraine which then spread across Europe, the United Kingdom government has said. However, the "indiscriminate design" of the malware caused it to spread to other European and Russian businesses. In November previous year, prime minister Theresa May called out the country for allegedly hacking into systems during elections and spreading fake news.

The U.S. Justice Department and three different congressional committees are investigating the alleged Russian meddling and whether there was collusion between Russians and current and past associates of President Donald Trump.

Ukraine was the worst-affected country, with banking operations compromised in what authorities said was an unprecedented attack.

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