Saakashvili wants to settle in the Netherlands

Saakashvili wants to settle in the Netherlands

The former Georgian president, who was later a governor in Ukraine, had described his detention in Kiev by masked men and expulsion to Poland as a violation of worldwide laws.

The former Ukrainian opposition leader is married to a Dutch woman, Sandra Roelofs.

Saakashvili was arrested in a Georgian restaurant in Kiev on February 12, taken to the city's main worldwide airport and immediately shipped to Poland, the country from which he had illegally returned to Ukraine in September 2017 by breaking through a border checkpoint with the help of his supporters, after being stripped of his Ukrainian citizenship by Poroshenko in July. "I was given the ID cart right after my arrival in the Netherlands and it allows me to live and work in the European Union, the whole procedure took about few minutes", he wrote and added that he intends to return the Ukrainian citizenship.

"It is, like always, good to be here", Saakashvili said to the NOS. What's the way for me to reach out to the Ukrainian courts?

Saakashvili said that he will not give up on his battle against President Petro Poroshenko's government despite being outside Ukraine, RFE/RL reported.

He then became an outspoken critic of the Ukrainian president and accused him of corruption.

The ugly falling out saw Saakashvili stripped of his Ukrainian passport.

In September 2017, Saakashvili, backed by a group of supporters, managed to enter Ukraine but was charged with illegal border crossing.

Bekeshkina said "many Ukrainians share the demands" of protests led by Saakashvili's party.

The brutality of the arrest which saw Ukrainian border guards push Saakashvili to the ground, insulting and pulling him by the hair, according to footage posted online, has however triggered strong criticism.

Kiev's Western allies may also "raise questions about selective justice" in Ukraine, and the arrest could have a "negative impact" on Poroshenko's image overseas, said Sergiy Solodkyi, deputy director of the Kiev-based New Europe think-tank.

"We expect the rule of law as well as the rights of Saakashvili to be upheld", Commission spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic said. I will also return to Georgia.

Saakashvili noted however that he planned to fly to the Netherlands later on Wednesday.

He then plans to "go on a tour of Europe" to gain political support for his cause.

His lawyer Oscar Hammerstein told national broadcaster NOS that Saakashvili was now in Rotterdam to arrange his settlement in the Netherlands, which was approved by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service.

"He is very happy here, and thinks it's fantastic", Hammerstein added.

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