Patrick J. Adams Defends Meghan Markle After Racist Tweet

Patrick J. Adams Defends Meghan Markle After Racist Tweet

Nehlen, who is not the only antisemitic, neo-Nazi running in the upcoming midterm elections in the U.S., defended his original tweet with the following post on 11 February, according to a screenshot shared by another Twitter user.

On 7 February, The Guardian published a scientific report about the "Cheddar man" - a prehistoric man that lived some 10,000 years ago and is Britain's oldest complete skeleton. After analysing his skeleton further and some facial reconstruction, scientists concluded that his ancestors arrived in Britain from West Asia after leaving Africa. In the tweet, Markle's face was overlaid with an image of the Cheddar man. Actor Patrick Adams, who co-stars with Markle in USA Network's legal drama "Suits", lashed out at Nehlen in a tweet Saturday, calling the Wisconsin businessman "a sad and sick man with no sense of shame or class".

Among those joining the campaign against Nehlen's Twitter ban were white nationalist podcast host Mike "Enoch" Peinovich and Andrew Anglin, owner of the neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer. But he defended himself Sunday by again attacking the research that revealed the physical features of early British inhabitants. "In response, I lampooned the article".

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, a longtime Ryan supporter who lives in his southeastern Wisconsin congressional district, said Nehlen had no place in the Republican Party. His anti-immigrant views and use of the #ItsOkayToBeWhite hashtag have attracted criticism.

"For Twitter, reining in abusive content has posed a challenge as the company has touted itself as the ultimate place for free speech and open debate", reported NPR's Alina Selyukh in 2016, noting that the 2016 presidential election cycle was "marked by a flood of sexist, racist, anti-Semitic and threatening commentary". Nehlen was Ryan's primarily challenger at that time.

Before his Twitter account was suspended over the controversy, Nehlen responded to the negative reaction with an explanation for his behavior.

"The hatred and divisiveness that America, and Wisconsin, are increasingly witnessing in public dialogue is risky and only serves only to weaken and divide us", Conklin said.

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