On valentine's day, 10 men arrested for threatening couples in Ahmedabad

On valentine's day, 10 men arrested for threatening couples in Ahmedabad

The city unit of the VHP yesterday said it would stage protests on the riverfront against the Valentines' Day celebration which, the outfit claimed, was "against Indian culture". However, taking a step forward and making a complete fool of themselves, Bharat Hindu Front (BHF) workers organised the marriage of a dog and a donkey.

In some videos recorded by passers-by purportedly of the incident, several people carrying saffron flags and wielding sticks could be seen threatening couples to leave the spot.

In order to mark their protest against the celebration of Valentine's Day 2018, several fringe groups have issued diktats to all the couples stating that they should remain indoors and not celebrate the festival. In Ahmedabad, self-proclaimed "moral police" chased couples, reported Times Now. "We will take pandits with us and if we find someone in the garden we will get them married immediately", Manish Moriya, member of Nagpur Bajrang Dal said.

In the evening, more than 50 Bajrang Dal activists staged a protest at The Park Hotel at Raj Bhavan Road for organising an event on Valentine's Day following which the event was called-off.

Mumbai: To stop people from celebrating Valentine's Day on Wednesday, a group did something freakish.

Meanwhile, Bajrang Dal on Wednesday issued a warning to couples on Valentine's Day.

It also barred students from coming to campus on the day. "In recent years, we have observed that students, influenced by western culture, celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14". Commenting on the matter, Vatal Nagaraj said, "We should not object to #ValentinesDay because love does not have any community or caste". Central government should declare a one-day holiday for love.

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