OJ Simpson's First Film Role Since Murder Trial Causes Outrage

OJ Simpson's First Film Role Since Murder Trial Causes Outrage

Page Six has reported that Simpson recently conducted a secret hotel meeting with comedian and provocateur Sacha Baron Cohen, otherwise known as the man behind the characters Borat, Ali G and Brüno.

"O.J. would not even get in the hotel room until he was paid a sackload of cash", a source told the Daily Mail.

O.J. Simpson met with filmmaker and comedic actor Sacha Baron Cohen in Las Vegas.

According to Daily Mail, the 46-year-old paid O.J. Simpson $20,000 to make an appearance in his next film, an offer that pissed off the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. "I met him. Nice guy", he said.

"Nicole and Ron are two human beings who were brutally murdered", Nicole's sister, Tanya, said about OJ getting paid.

Simpson's involvement reportedly comes as part of Greed, Baron Cohen's latest film which sees him going back to donning a thorough disguise to fool members of the public. The Heisman Trophy victor and NFL Hall of Fame running back was acquitted on murder charges in the case of his ex-wife, Nicole, and her friend Goldman, back in 1994.

"If money changed hands then all of the money paid should go to Ron's father Fred".

Baron Cohen, 46, declined to respond to repeated requests for comment. "There is a legal and moral imperative here", said collection lawyer David Cook, who represents Ron Goldman's dad, Fred Goldman, in the civil case against OJ.

As RadarOnline.com readers know, OJ Simpson, 70, was released from prison this past October, after serving nine years behind bars. He was sent to jail after being convicted of an armed-robbery.

O.J. Simpson has 36 acting credits that extend all the way back to 1968, according to his IMDB profile.

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The Mail on Sunday approached Simpson on Friday as he enjoyed a leisurely two-hour lunch with friends at the Grape Street wine bar in Summerlin, Las Vegas, near to the £1.5 million mansion in a gated community which is being loaned to him by a businessman friend.

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