Nintendo Wants To Prolong Switch Console's Life Cycle

Nintendo Wants To Prolong Switch Console's Life Cycle

Nintendo waited nearly exactly six years between the launch of the Wii and the Wii U, but there was a seven-year span between the launch of the PS3 and PS4, and an eight-year span between the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One.

HearthStone is an online-only game and while that would work when the Switch is docked, using the Switch in handheld mode, you're more likely to be away from an internet connection.

Blizzard hasn't said officially so far if it's going to add support for the Nintendo Switch to this title but game designer Dean Ayala confirmed at a recent event that Blizzard is not working on a Hearthstone for Nintendo Switch port.

Last we heard about the Switch Online service was yet another delay, and no actual new information on what's included. But there's some evidence that the days of a five- or six-year console generation are already past for the entire market, not just the Switch.

While there is always a possibility that knowledge of the project is segregated in the Blizzard development scene, the far more likely answer is that the digital card game isn't now being worked on for Nintendo's handheld home console.

There is a chance that Ayala simply couldn't announce anything or give us any details, but we're of the opinion that it's just not coming to Switch. "I think that announcement will convey to you how we plan to popularize the service." . "It is less about the mechanism and more a question of what kinds of products we can offer, and the spread of the service will depend on the whether consumers want what we offer". In the mid-term, that's good news for the Switch's longevity, especially when coupled with the quality of first-party releases Nintendo has released so far. 3, Balloon Fight and Dr. Mario. Many have speculated the reason Hearthstone hasn't made it to other home consoles, like the PS4 or Xbox One is due to the fact the game is optimized for mouse or touch screen control, not standard controllers. At launch the classic game library will include NES games. That's all we can do, and we consider it our greatest mission.

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