Magic Leap teams up with the NBA to deliver AR basketball

Magic Leap teams up with the NBA to deliver AR basketball

Magic Leap, the secretive billion dollar startup is slowly revealing its plans to create another dimension to computing. The service is built on Magic Leap's Screens platform, which is open to other developers to bring content and apps to the mixed reality platform. CEO Rony Abovitz wouldn't specifically announce a price during an interview he gave recently, but he did say that the AR headset would have pricing comparable to a "premium computer".

The experience sounds very much like a VR-type of experience, with Magic Leap One owners getting to see and feel how it would be with courtside seats at an National Basketball Association game.

Abovitz said Tuesday the company is aiming to produce an even higher-end product than Magic Leap One in addition to a mass-market device that will be priced in the "higher-than-tablet zone".

Warriors forward Andre Iguodala, who is quite active in the tech space, also sang Magic Leap's praises in an interview past year.

To justify the high cost, Abovitz suggested that Magic Leap could one day replace a consumer's smartphone and computer, as it would be able to handle both user interfaces and project what the wearer needed of each into their field of view.

Second, the company has seemingly confirmed that there will be multiple sizes available for its headset, including a "Magic Leap Large" variant that fits the head of Shaquille O'Neal.

"The NBA, Turner and Magic Leap have begun collaborating on bringing next-generation technologies to sports viewing, and we are just getting started", said Ruediger. The experience will also include data overlays, and the ability to watch game scenes on a kind of virtual TV. "It sounds like they're looking forward to making that happen: "NBA SVP Jeff Marsilio said that the hope is to enable "[live] streaming on your coffee table as though you were a giant looking into the arena from above". "[They are] not quite ready but actually more possible than you might think".

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