Katie Couric apologizes for Olympic comments about Dutch and skating

Katie Couric apologizes for Olympic comments about Dutch and skating

During her commentary as the Dutch team entered the stadium at the opening ceremony of the Olympic games in Pyeongchang, Couric said the Dutch had won so many medals on the speed skating oval because 'skating is an important mode of transportation in a city like Amsterdam which sits at sea level'.

Couric's comments have been widely shredded by the skating mad Dutch, who last got to skate on the Amsterdam canals in 2012. As you all know, it has lots of canals that can freeze in the winters.

Katie Couric's half-baked claims about the Netherlands athletes had the Dutch doubled over, and led to an ice-themed Twitter exchange. The veteran broadcaster said something freakish about the Dutch at the Winter Olympics, but apologized after fans put her 'on thin ice'.

"I was trying to salute your historical passion for the sport but it didn't come out that way", she wrote.

The Netherlands' Embassy in the US had a friendlier take, telling Couric "please come visit the Netherlands".

The 61-year-old journalist and former NBC anchor called speedskating an "important mode of transportation" for the Dutch when canals freeze over. "I'd [love] to visit again & celebrate your success!" she said on Twitter. NBC opening ceremony coverage.

"Just like most Latvians use a bobsleigh to get to work & Austrian kids ski jump to school", the Dutch Olympic committee's Thomas van Scheik said on Twitter. "And this folks is why Americans are less bright about the rest of the world as they spread fake news!" "Skating on clogs is too hard, even for us".

In December 2017, the IOC announced Russian Federation would be banned from competing in South Korea to penalise the country for its government-run doping scheme, which allowed Russian Federation to cheat at the Sochi Winter Olympics and the Olympic Games in in 2016. USA Today reported that NBC Sports analyst Joshua Cooper Ramo was terminated following a controversial remark regarding the complicated relationship Korea had with Japan.

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