Google's next Android overhaul is said to embrace iPhone 'notch'

Google's next Android overhaul is said to embrace iPhone 'notch'

Users having low end phones are mostly going to benefit from these Go apps. Now, the first rumors of Android P have been heard shared, reporting that the main goal of Android P is to "improve the look of the software" while also copying the notch feature of the new iPhone X.

While Apple doubles down on app refinements over flashy features for its iOS 12 update, expected in September, Google is reportedly "improving the look of the software" to pinch iPhone users. It will also imply that new Android smartphones will have cutouts at the top of their screens to fit cameras and face sensors during calls. Android handset makers will be able to stay in lock step with Apple when it comes to design and technology as a result, noted Bloomberg.

Google recently announced Android Oreo Go Edition, a light version of its operating system which can run smoothly on low-end phones with less than 1 GB of RAM (note that it is different from Android One which is just a stock version of Android supported directly by Google). Following the latest iPhone arrival with the notch, some Chinese companies imitated the Apple flagship and brought models such as the Oukitel U18 with a similar top covering.

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But, building notch camera support into Android signals that Google expects Apple's iPhone X design to catch on. These partners can tweak the software to their needs, so not all Android phones will have notches.

Despite mocking the iPhone X in an advert, Samsung has filed a patent showing a version of a phone with a notch in the display. (AAPL) and is updating its Android operating system, or OS, to meet that end. There are also plans to let developers integrate Google's voice-based technology within their native apps. The company has weighed integrating the search bar on the Android home screen with its assistant, although neither of these changes have been approved for introduction this year, according to one of the people familiar with the situation. Secondly, at this moment it is still not possible to download it from the official Google store.

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