Eagles' Super Bowl win over Patriots delays final 'Tom vs. Time' episode

Eagles' Super Bowl win over Patriots delays final 'Tom vs. Time' episode

Nick Foles, a backup quarterback filling in for injured starter Carson Wentz, somehow outlasted - and even out-caught - the greatest quarterback of his generation, throwing for an impressive 373 yards and three touchdowns in a performance that even Wentz would've been hard-pressed to exceed.

Contrast this with Super Bowl XLIX, when the Patriots knew the Seahawks' tendencies so thoroughly that they practiced defending in a goal-line setting the pass play that Seattle used with a Lombardi Trophy on the line.

Added Super Bowl MVP quarterback Nick Foles: "We finally did it".

Ajayi still has a year left on his rookie deal and should lead the Eagles' rushing attack in 2018. While he is under contract for another season, the impending return of Wentz leaves Philly with many questions of whether they should test the trade value of Foles or keep him under contract for the next season until Wentz fully recovers from his injury.

Philly has to consider the possibility, however, that Wentz may not be the same player after his injury - at least for the first few games - and trading away a proven backup at the wrong time could spell disaster for their prospects of a repeat. Defensively, the Eagles did all they could to stop Brady. It will be interesting to see what the Eagles do with Foles.

In the end, that confidence paid off as the Eagles did what so many have failed to do: Topple the Patriots' dynasty. Ninety-nine-year-old superfan Phil "Philadelphia" Basser waited almost a century to see his team strike gold; the Eagles paid for his ticket so he could see it live. Tom Brady played the game of his life as he threw for 505 yards and 3 touchdowns. And even high-end players can find themselves in head coach Bill Belichick's dog house.

The loss to the Eagles, Brady's age, the lack of a young backup ready to take over, discord in the front office, and the departure of defensive coordinator Matt Patricia all give reason to believe the Patriots' reign over the AFC, and the National Football League as a whole, may be reaching its end. Instead, imagine families rejoicing under fireworks on Broad Street as Philadelphia won its first Super Bowl. Either way, Philadelphia should be thrilled with its quarterback situation moving forward.

The fifth installment of the series aired on Super Bowl Sunday.

In the aftermath of Super Bowl LII, the play known as "Philly Special" received most of the attention.

For those who want to watch, you can do that on the series' Facebook page.

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