Controversial Facebook Messenger Kids App Lands on Android

Controversial Facebook Messenger Kids App Lands on Android

Similar to how chat heads pull up a drop-down menu of recent chats for Messenger and other Android SMS apps, Google Phone's chat heads let you exit the phone app and maneuver around your home screen, with a little circular bubble on the screen indicating that the call is still ongoing. Earlier, the texting with Facebook friends was available on the Facebook app itself.

In there efforts to connect everyone on the planet, Facebook has today launched a new messaging app for kids, but before you get excited it's only available in the US.

Messenger Kids launched first on iOS in December 2017, then it came to Amazon's Fire tablets last month. When the child initiates a chat, or someone tries to chat with the child, the app notifies the parent before the conversation can begin.

Potential intentions aside, others have expressed concerns that hooking kids up with their own Messenger app at a young age may have a detrimental effect on development and mental wellbeing.

More than 100 child advocates and experts-including groups like the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, ACLU of MA, and Parents Across America-have called the app "irresponsible", especially in light of research indicating that excessive use of social media is detrimental to children and teens. Parents and approved grown-ups can use their profiles to verify the Kids account and can also check up what is going on through the regular Messenger. "We continue to be focused on making Messenger Kids be the best experience it can be for families", the company wrote.

Messenger Kids is a version of the Messenger app that targets children by offering features that help puts a parent's mind at ease.

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