Congress stands no chance in Tripura: Former Assam CM TarunGogoi

Congress stands no chance in Tripura: Former Assam CM TarunGogoi

"I will not hesitate to say that Meghalaya will get the best infrastructure in the world once a BJP government is formed", Rudy, who was in the state capital since Sunday to assist the party in preparing for the upcoming polls, told reporters.

In its once-in-three-years draft political resolution, the CPM discounted the possibility of entering into an electoral alliance with the Congress.

The draft resolution will remain open to proposals for amendment by the party's rank and file until March 20. As Shekhar Dutta, a senior journalist, says, "The domineering presence of CPM in Tripura is a classic example of the state's conversion into a party-society in which nothing is beyond the purview of the political gaze". But "the emphasis should be on building unity of people to fight the communal forces at the grassroots".

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI-M) has a strong foothold in Tripura and is in power for the past 25 years.

"Given the experience of the almost four years rule of the (Narendra) Modi Government it is imperative to defeat the BJP government in order to isolate the Hindutva communal forces and reverse the anti-people economic policies".

While accusing the Congress of running away from answering the Chargesheet released by the BJP recently, Kohli said that the congress is creating a negative campaign by communalizing the elections and running away from shameful track record and it is unable to answer the scams against it and unable to say why they have not kept promises made over 15 years in Meghalaya.

Reacting strongly to the statements issued by the Congress leader, Kohli said "This is a sign of desperation and we can't help but listen to the desperate language of the congress with amusement to fool the voters of Meghalaya". Thus, the main task is to defeat the BJP and its allies by rallying all the secular and democratic forces. The draft appeared to be self-contradictory at many places as it could not provide a vision of how to defeat the BJP without any electoral understanding with the Congress, which is the biggest Opposition party at the national level.

The Congress which till the last Assembly elections in 2013 was the only contender against the ruling Left Front government, this time seems to have gone missing. Even the CPM central leadership campaigning in the state is pressing on the contentious Tipraland issue to target the IPFT-BJP bond. At least two paras on alliances with regional parties have been deleted.

"The stone pelting incident at Sutnga, the scuffle between UDP-BJP supporters at Raliang, the recovery of a grenade in West Shillong are just few of the incidents reported in the state", Lyngdoh said while seeking the intervention of the Election Commission. The party, however, has fielded 59 candidates for the 60-member Assembly, its highest since 1978. It does give an elbow room for adjusting the party's stand close to the elections. The anti-incumbent voters of Tripura are visibly relying on BJP given the party's past gains in North East and its pre-poll promises of delivering good governance, generating employment and restoring social amity. "So people have only one choice left - Congress that believes in people's welfare", Nag said.

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