Chris Rock's New Netflix Comedy Special to Debut This Week

Chris Rock's New Netflix Comedy Special to Debut This Week

This forthcoming project is the first stand-up special for the comedian in 10 years; his last was Kill the Messenger, which debuted on HBO and won two Emmy Awards.

Today, Netflix announced a surprise Valentine's Day treat for all the lovers out there.

If the feedback from lucky worldwide audiences earlier this year is any indication, Tamborine will be something to tune in for on its opening night on Netflix. After trying to decipher what the bejesus it actually meant, we just gave up but we're delighted to say that it's a teaser for Chris Rock's latest stand-up gig.

After a long stint away, Chris Rock is coming home.

Check out the release date announcement below.

Back in 2016, Netflix signed Chris Rock to a staggering $40 million deal that included two stand-up specials.

Here's how Netflix is describing the first comedy special for the legendary comedian in a decade.

It was directed by Bo Burnham, and filmed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in NY. With his trademark laser-like observations, Rock covers the gamut of contemporary issues, with incisive and insightful commentary on life.

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