A Boston Dynamic Robot Has Figured Out Door Levers. Sleep Tight!

A Boston Dynamic Robot Has Figured Out Door Levers. Sleep Tight!

But a new video, released by the firm on Monday, shows the company's flagship robot, the SpotMini, crossing a new threshold - literally - as it demonstrates that it can open doors. It is battery operated which offers up to 90 minutes of power on a single charge.

While being overthrown by SpotMini's might sound like a cute idea, I'm not sure I like the concept of the day when that SpotMini 2 can hold a gun as well as open a door.

Boston Dynamics unveiled its first SpotMini back in 2016, later introducing a refined version of it in November 2017.

While it is not the first time Boston Dynamics has shown such footage - Marc Raibert, founder of the firm, showed the Mini's predecessor Spot opening a door during a TED talk previous year - it is the first time the Mini has shown the same capability, with the mounted claw. You can see SpotMini advance towards a door but realises that it's actually closed. Boston Dynamics lulled us into a false sense of security by using SpotMini's arm to wash dishes, making it look subservient to humanity. In terms of specifications, SpotMini measures 0.84m in height and weighs 25 kg and an additional 5 kg if its arm is included.

There, it helps load a dishwasher and carries a can to the trash.

Since Boston Dynamics' founding in 1992, the company has worked to build machines "that both break boundaries and work in the real world", according to its website.

'It has a variety of sensors, including depth cameras, a solid state gyro (IMU) and proprioception sensors in the limbs.

Boston Dynamics also recently made headlines outside of its robotics work.

'In extremely challenging terrain, Atlas is strong and coordinated enough to climb using hands and feet, to pick its way through congested spaces'. There's something to be said from the kind of publicity that Boston Dynamics' new Jurassic Park video generates, but it's hard not to imagine that this is hurting the company's cause in the long run.

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