Vivo's on-display fingerprint scanner works great

Vivo's on-display fingerprint scanner works great

The new version of the in-display fingerprint scanning technology developed by Vivo, along with Qualcomm is an optic-based technology which was developed with Synaptics. Vivo said that the demo smartphone that sports the new technology is ready for production but did not indicate a timeline on when the feature would be made available for public consumption. The new in-built display fingerprint scanner works just like the conventional fingerprint scanner, but the only difference is that it is built inside the display using Synaptics Optical Sensor.

As smartphones go all-screen, one design problem has bedeviled everyone from Samsung to Apple: Where to put the fingerprint scanner?

However, maybe you prefer fingerprint sensor over even a state-of-the-art face unlocking like Face ID, and you definitely want it in the front because you need to unlock the phone a billion times a day while it's laying on the desk, and you still want a huge display that takes up almost all the room from the front face of the phone. Phone makers have moved their fingerprint sensors to the side or back, or removed them entirely.

The company now has big automotive aspirations, but more importantly, it managed to be the first company to show us actually working under-display fingerprint sensor. Your lit-up fingerprint is then reflected into an in-display fingerprint sensor and authenticated. And this time, without thick bezels above and below the screen. The process took a little longer than on an iPhone with Touch ID or an Android phone with traditional fingerprint sensor, but it's not like you have to register your fingerprints often, so it's not really a big issue. The fingerprint reader itself is about the size of a small coin and works by scanning your finger through the tiny gaps found along the phone's pixels. Simply place your finger over the icon and press gently. You can find out more details about this new technology over at Vivo at the link below. Place your finger there, wait for a split second and the phone will unlock with a cool animation taking place.

Even though the world's first smartphone with a (virtually) invisible fingerprint scanner might need a few more months before actually reaching store shelves around the world, its most important party trick is already comparable to many commercial solutions in terms of speed. Or when I'm in bed and Face ID doesn't work inches from my face because it needs to be held farther away.

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