Trump touts a poll that's awful for him

Trump touts a poll that's awful for him

A plurality of 39% gave Trump an F grade, while 17% gave him a D. "Considered an intelligent person with a really bad report card, filled with far more Fs than As or Bs, the president is a long way from the dean's list in the eyes of voters".

President Donald Trump on Thursday touted the results of a Quinnipiac University poll released a day earlier, which show that 66% of voters think the USA economy is "excellent" or "good".

While most U.S. voters in the poll (53%) thought Trump was intelligent, 69% thought he was not level-headed and 57% said he was not fit to serve as president.

63 percent of voters believe the president "is not honest".

A majority of Americans, 52 percent, said they do not approve of the tax plan, compared to 32 percent who support the Republican legislation.

Trump's policies are helping the nation's economy, 37 percent of voters say, as 29 percent say his policies are hurting the economy and 30 percent say these policies are not making much difference.

But perhaps most frightening, 69 percent of voters believe the president is not level-headed, and 57 percent believe he is not fit to serve.

It came just days after Trump made the unexpected declaration that he is "a very stable genius" following the publication of a new book that says, among other sensational things, Trump's top advisors regularly discuss his mental health and stability, and the possibility of using a constitutional amendment to oust him from office.

The poll of 1,106 voters across the country was conducted from January 5 to 9.

American voters give Trump a negative 36% to 59% job approval rating.

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