THIS is why Kylie Jenner won't be announcing her pregnancy anytime soon

THIS is why Kylie Jenner won't be announcing her pregnancy anytime soon

The rest of her sisters, including mom Kris Jenner, were all smiles after Khloe said she is expecting a baby with her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, according to The Mirror.

In order not to make both Kendall and Kylie feel left out, Khloe made a decision to FaceTime them and share the exciting news.

Khloé's sister Kylie Jenner is also reportedly pregnant with her first child.

Ahead of the big family reveal, Khloe's sister Kourtney told her she thought her sibling had put on "a few pounds", and after Khloe and Tristan had told the Kardashian clan, Kourtney joked: "No wonder you gained a few pounds".

'Well you missed the barbecue and I really wanted to tell you something, ' Khlo was seen telling her younger sibling over the phone. So Kris hopped in the vehicle with Kim and went to see Dr. Jason Diamond, who told her that low-hanging ears are super easy to fix. "There's a million different emotions that are going in my brain, but I think I'm in a state of shock". Kylie answered, wiping tears from her eyes. I'm so happy for you.

Later in the show, Kardashian and Thompson reveal their pregnancy to the remainder of the Kardashian family.

The tale got even more interesting when a source divulged that while Scott is the biological father of the child, Tyga also wants to have a role in her life. Kylie hasn't confirmed or denied the rumors since they first surfaced last fall, but that hasn't stopped people from posing theories about why the star has laid pretty low in recent months. She ADORES being a "Newsy" for Brit + Co, covering all of the latest tidbits of awesomeness that you want to read about. She has family and friends come to her house instead so she has company. Everyone is on baby watch now and in hopes that everything will be okay for her.

The two waited until a BBQ at Kris Jenner's home to share the news with everyone else.

"Kylie his having a hard time walking around and getting places because her belly is just so big and she is so little".

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