Taylor Swift Teases "End Game" Music Video with Ed Sheeran and Future

Taylor Swift Teases

It was teased via a number of stills throughout the last week, with an official teaser coming Thursday morning on ABC's Good Morning America. Between quick shots of a glamorous yacht, a sports auto, a night lit up by fireworks, and a house party - with none other than Ed Sheeran popping up at the party, and featured rapper Future appearing in the yacht scene - it looks like Swift is living large and exploring quite a panoply of nightlife options.

The singer then switches to Tokyo, where she enjoys a drink with bestie Ed before indulging in a game of Dance Dance Revolution (remember that?).

Ravenous Swifties first began anticipating the video on Tuesday when director Joseph Kahn shared a cryptic tweet alluding to the time Swift was spotted at a London kebob shop back in October.

Taylor Swift continues to pump new life into Reputation, which released in November, with a new video from the album. "Ready For It?" music video, and we can tell this one will be just as iconic as both "...

But our favourite part of the video sees Taylor take to the streets of London.

Check out her latest below.

Not only are Ed and Future featured on the track, but they can also be seen in multiple scenes throughout the music video teaser.

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