Super Mario Odyssey Getting Balloon World Update

Super Mario Odyssey Getting Balloon World Update

It seemed like an aggressively taunting move of Nintendo (on par with Twitter using Waluigi as an example offender), offering a glimpse of the goods while holding off on the real deal.

I'm certainly hoping there's some more substantial content coming, but in the meantime Nintendo today announced that they'll be providing a free update for Super Mario Odyssey. As you'd expect, in "Find It", players will have the opportunity to find balloons placed by other players in their own game.

In Hide It mode, players have 30 seconds to try and place a balloon somewhere in the various locales of Super Mario Odyssey, from nooks and crannies, to acrobatic leaps of faith. Hide It mode will give the player 30 seconds to hide a balloon within a stage. Players will be ranked by their ability to find and hide balloons, trying to set the highest scores they possibly can.

New outfits and camera filters are coming to Super Mario Odyssey. It's great to see Nintendo continue to support one of the greater games in its series, Super Mario Sunshine! Let us know what you think in the comments.

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