Should the United Kingdom adopt European-style fake news laws?

Should the United Kingdom adopt European-style fake news laws?

Macron claims he and his team were victims of fake news and a major data hack during his election campaign previous year.

The new rules will have a particular effect during election proceedings, said Macron, adding that the content may be removed or the entire website may be blocked in some cases.

French President Emmanuel Macron has vowed to rapidly push through economic and political changes in France over the coming months and said he would seek to jolt Europe into reforming too.

"As you know, propagating fake news on social media only requires a few tens of thousands of euros and can be done with total anonymity".

He also said France would become more strict in its immigration policies with more controls, without providing details.

In his new year's speech to the press, the Head of State explained that the legislation will emphasize the electoral period, in order to strengthen the rules regarding the responsibility of information.

Macron said he and his team were the victims of fake news and serious fraud during the campaign previous year.

Online platforms would also be required to be more transparent about externally sponsored content, he said, while the amount of sponsored media would be capped.

In November, UK Prime Minister Theresa May also directly accused Russian Federation of seeking to meddle in the democratic affairs of other nations by planting fake stories in the media to try to sow discord in the West by "weaponizing information".

Given that trade protectionism and the European Union's denial of China's market economy status remain the two major factors disturbing EU-China cooperation, Macron's visit will be a chance to boost the bilateral link and eliminate barriers, he said. Macron's office said the French leader underscored that "fundamental rights including freedom of expression and freedom to demonstrate must be respected".

French President Emmanuel Macron called Thursday for Western nations to play a greater role in ending the war in Syria, saying the crisis could not be resolved by just "a few" foreign powers.

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