SEGA announces a new Total War game, Total War: Three Kingdoms

SEGA announces a new Total War game, Total War: Three Kingdoms

Outside of a very swish teaser trailer, Creative Assembly is keeping very quiet about what to expect from the game.

While Total War fans may have anxious that developer Creative Assembly had gotten side-tracked by fantastical games like its Warhammer series, it promised past year that a new historical game was in the works.

We see Zhuge Liang, Guan Yu, and Lieu Bei, among many others, spotlighted in the trailer as the heroes of their faction, along with a brief look at the seemingly indomitable Lu Bu. SEGA wholly owns the video game development studios Creative Assembly, Relic Entertainment, Amplitude Studios, Sports Interactive and Hardlight.

Speaking of legendary soldiers, it seems likely that Three Kingdoms will retain the Legendary Lords mechanic utilized in the Total War: Warhammer series. Koei Tecmo have been mining the period for their Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Dynasty Warriors titles for years (between the two series, they've released over 30 games).

Total War Three Kingdoms

The novel, one of the most famous in East Asia, centers around the power struggle that rises up at the decline of the Han Dynasty.

The game will be set in 190CE, and will focus on the heroes of the period as they fight to unite China under a single banner. Sensing opportunity, warlords from China's great families follow suit, forming a fragile coalition in a bid to challenge Dong Zhuo's remorseless rule.

For more on Total War, check out our review of Total War: Warhammer II, which was also featured on our list of the Best-Reviewed Games of 2017. Will they triumph against the tyrant, or will personal ambition shatter their already crumbling alliance and drive them to supremacy?

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