Samsung shows its automotive hand at CES 2018

Samsung shows its automotive hand at CES 2018

And as consumer electronics companies don't get much bigger than Samsung, it was only to be expected the South Korean company would unveil its automotive efforts to the world at this year's CES in Las Vegas. They'll bring mobility to people who need it, make our roads safer, and revolutionize our communities.

With the DRVLINE platform, auto makers can also swap hardware in and out of vehicles; with this ability, cars are more future-proofed as technology develops towards Level 5 automation.

The platform has IoT, embedded systems, and in-car computer for Levels 3, 4, and 5 automation.

On Monday, Harman announced its new Configurable Entertainment and Moodscape experiences, built using the company's new AudioworX development platform. The system will be able to give lane departure warning, forward collision warnings, detect pedestrians, and have support for automatic emergency braking. It also teased that it has "already signed with a leading European automaker" as the first customer for the solution; the identity of that automaker will be revealed at Samsung's and Harman's CES booths.

Samsung Electronics unveiled its first set of components for autonomous driving and infotainment solutions developed with Harman International, which it bought about a year ago in a major push into the vehicle electronics market. But, there is more. Samsung notes that the Intelligent Digital Cockpit is created to merge the car's instrument cluster and entertainment systems into one, unifying the dashboard, automotive system controls, climate controls, media, and more within a single panel - all benefitting from Harman audio solutions, Samsung's Bixby assistant, and the cloud.

Samsung and Harman also unveiled a new Digital Cockpit platform that offers an in-car screen that can display vital vehicle information and features. It also has a premium, multi-display layout with Android OS powering four displays.

The companies are also jointly developing a 5G telematics solution that comes with a control unit with modular design that will provide high-resolution streaming and cloud-based applications in vehicles. So it's crucial for Samsung to attract more partners and quickly expand its reach.

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