Russian man drives armored personnel carrier into store for wine

Russian man drives armored personnel carrier into store for wine

A Russian man was arrested after stealing an armored personnel carrier from a secured facility and using it to ran his way into a store to take a bottle of wine. A person living nearby was able to record the freakish crime (see above), and many people photographed the aftermath. In a surprise to nobody, witnesses reported the driver was already inebriated when he crashed the combat vehicle into the store.

Local Russian news outlet Hibinform reports that a man stole an armored tank from a motorsports facility, drove it through the forest, and rammed it into a convenience store in Apatity, Russia.

At least one auto was damaged during the escapade, during which the vehicle was driven erratically through the city before attempting to batter itts way into the store.

The joyrider drove the armoured vehicle through his small town of Apatity where he badly damaged a parked auto and then careered through the front of the supermarket. I don't blame the man for taking a joyride in that vehicular behemoth.

Onlookers didn't seem particularly concerned about the sight of a military machine on the sidewalk. The video shows people walking by nonchalantly and getting within an arm's reach of the vehicle.

Having smashed through the window of the supermarket, the driver climbed out of the tank and stole a bottle of wine before being arrested.

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