Power Blackout at Las Vegas Convention Center Impacts CES

Power Blackout at Las Vegas Convention Center Impacts CES

The brightest minds in the world, but nobody thought to think that it can rain in Vegas... "We will continue to restrict access until full power has been restored". "This is a major buzz kill", one officer said as he strolled through the Central exhibit hall.

Batteries and motors are getting smaller and more powerful, making electric scooters and even single-wheeled devices good for all day use over many miles.

Update 6:39pm CT, Jan. 10: The CES blackout was caused by "condensation from heavy rainfall" on a transformer at the Las Vegas Convention Center, convention authorities said in a statement Wednesday. While power within the South Hall was restored minutes later, it took two hours to fully restore power in the Central Hall, with conference organisers confirming on Twitter at 1.09pm that power was slowly being rolled out in the Central Hall.

Of course, the highly unusual, and ironic, event prompted plenty of people and brands to light up Twitter with jokes about the #CESBlackout2018.

The Consumer Electronics Show venue at the Las Vegas Convention Center is plunged into darkness after a power outrage Wednesday morning.

The Consumer Technology Association, which runs CES, tweeted that it was an "isolated power outage". Intel had a tongue-in-cheek announcement for a product called "Blackout".

Many companies were forced to suspend their presentations and barred from conducting demos at the annual tech fair.

At least one display remained operational during the blackout: Energizer.

Rick Rohmer, a product engineer with electrical-systems specialist Legrand, said the power outage affected only part of a booth for Qi, a consortium of companies that make wireless chargers.

Someone is having a bad day!

Whoa, I'm in a hotel on the other side of town from the LVCC and our power just flickered too. Folks still leaving Central Hall and not let in.

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