Nintendo Direct Mini Unveils Some Major Titles for 2018

Nintendo Direct Mini Unveils Some Major Titles for 2018

However, Nintendo simply made a decision to fan the flames and post the tweet embedded below. Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

Earlier today Nintendo hosted a Nintendo Direct Mini. The game will be hitting the Switch on March 16th. Lack of news on Metroid Prime 4 or Bayonetta 3 isn't too surprising, but we also didn't get anything about Yoshi, Project Octopath Traveler or Fire Emblem.

Since the game was only just debuted on Thursday morning, we only have a limited amount of information about it thus far.

Players will be able to players to join their friends for local multiplayer sessions via Crime Net.

That wasn't all, of course. When initially released Joy will be a part time exclusive character for the Switch version of the game, but she will be available for other platforms sometime in the future. With speculation high, many are looking to see what brand new titles could be making their way over to the Big N's hybrid console - instead of just the (admittedly cool) ports. You've seen him in swim shorts and a poncho in Odyssey, now it's tennis whites. That seems to be what this new story mode is going for, but it also seems that this particular mode might abandon the tennis academy setting of previous Mario Tennis stories in favor of something a little wackier. Not only is he coming to Mario+Rabbids, his own outstanding Wii U game is also getting ported to the Switch.

Aaron Greenberg says that Xbox One recorded its best December ever, outpacing PlayStation 4 sales in December, but Switch did even better, selling more than the Microsoft console and PS4 combined, always limited to the American market.

Nintendo also announced a free update for Super Mario Odyssey, Luigi's Balloon World - two competitive modes about hiding or finding balloons - as well as a Donkey Kong DLC pack for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

Square Enix has announced it will be bringing the action role-playing game The World Ends with You to the Nintendo Switch ten years after its original release. The first one is called the Hide It mode, which tasks players to find the ideal, stealthiest place to hide a balloon in just 30 seconds.

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