Microsoft announces pre-order details for its Cortana-enabled thermostat

Microsoft announces pre-order details for its Cortana-enabled thermostat

The GLAS thermostat, which uses a Snapdragon 410E embedded platform, will have a translucent OLED touchscreen display for controlling temperature, monitoring indoor and outdoor air quality, and checking the weather.

The device itself will continually monitor air quality and adjust settings for it, as long as it's connected to the internet.

Johnson Controls and Microsoft have teamed up to build a handsome smart thermostat called GLAS. The thermostat promises to automatically detect when there are people home or when the home is empty, too, and automatically adjust the settings between Home, Away, and Sleeping. You can say things like, "Hey, Cortana, set the temperature to 72 degrees", and it will be adjusted. "Cortana can help you manage your calendar, inform you of traffic, answer questions, and more, so all of this information is on display in one place to help jumpstart your day before leaving the door", Microsoft explained.

The device, made through a partnership with Johnson Controls, will be available for pre-order for $319 (around £235/AU$406) beginning in March.

Hey, remember Microsoft Cortana, the digital assistant who's always at your beck and call?

It's likely that the design will prove the most striking part of the GLAS' appeal, of course. Aside from voice controls, you can also use a mobile application.

There are plenty of smart thermostats on the market today with the devices from Nest being the most popular. It appears the thermostat will be available in the US, UK and Australia.

Johnson Controls is pricing the GLAS at $319. JCI chose to build GLAS on Windows 10 IoT Core and utilize Azure IoT Hub device management capabilities, which was released with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

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