Le'Veon Bell Will Consider Sitting, Retiring If Steelers Use Tag

Le'Veon Bell Will Consider Sitting, Retiring If Steelers Use Tag

These comments went viral, and Bell took to Twitter in an attempt to defuse the situation. He added that he'd "probably be done" playing football if he sat out all of 2018.

But guess what? None of that matters now.

"It will eventually come down to me playing on the tag or not", Bell said. But instead, he went into great detail about his contract hopes and the potential ramifications if those aren't met.

According to ESPN, Bell said he wants the team to "value" him and added he's "not going to settle for anything". Will it be a distraction?

Bell is comfortable with his legacy in the game and makes clear he cares more about setting a precedent for running backs than earning a few extra million dollars.

As a result, Bell was tagged in 2017 for $12.1 million. "I can care less about what happens after this season...my biggest thing I'm focused on is this team I'm on right now, playing for/with my brothers, & bringing back a 7th ring! what happens next year is irrelevant to my goals". When he was set to hit free agency last year, the Steelers tagged him, locking him under their control for another year. "I'm not going out here getting the ball 400 times if I'm not getting what I feel I'm valued at".

Bell and the Steelers failed to reach a multiyear extension earlier this year, so if he wanted to play, he had no choice but to abide by the terms of the franchise tag. Given the short career spans of National Football League ball-carriers, Bell, who will turn 26 in February, could be running out of chances to truly cash in. I feel I can do that.

If there's a silver lining for the Steelers, it's that Bell doesn't appear eager to leave Pittsburgh.

"I want to be here, finish my career here", Bell said. That leaves it up to the Steelers to avoid the franchise tag and offer Bell a contract he can't refuse. It's an unlikely scenario, but Bell is keeping his options open, as he should.

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