Jane Fonda had a cancer removed from her lip

Jane Fonda had a cancer removed from her lip

Actress Jane Fonda has had another cancer scare.

Jane Fonda coyly covered her chin while posing for photos with "Grace & Frankie" co-star Lily Tomlin Monday.

Jane Fonda revealed in interviews this week that her doctor removed a cancerous growth from her lower lip.

Jane said during a chat with reporters that she "just had cancer taken from my lip", and that she doesn't usually walk around with bandages on her lip. Later, Lily Tomlin explains how her turning down a role in the movie California Suite led to Jane Fonda's workout tape success. "I thought it was going to heal in time (for the interview). I don't normally go around like this", she added.

She also addressed the diagnosis during an appearance on Howard Stern's radio show the same day.

'I'm sitting there with Grace thinking I'm going to move back into my studio and everything's going to be the same and here comes this piece of bubble gum.

This isn't the actresses first bout with cancer.

Fonda is now on the TV show, Grace and Frankie, alongside Lily Tomlin. "She's a tough old lady". The two play rivals who find comfort in each other after their husbands fall in love with each other and decide they want to get married. "We crack each other up and we can't stop laughing".

Season four of Grace and Frankie is set to premier on Netflix on Friday, January 19. Known for his huge online presence, Fallon will brings along with him numerous popular segments, celebrity sketches and musical parodies that fans have grown to love on "Late Night", including #Hashtags, Thank You Notes and Slow Jam the News.

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