IKEA encourages pregnant women to wee on advert to reveal discount

IKEA encourages pregnant women to wee on advert to reveal discount

In a home pregnancy test, if a woman has enough of the pregnancy hormone hCG, the test strip will change color to indicate she's pregnant. Should they be pregnant, the strip will reveal a 50 percent discount coupon on a new crib. The world's biggest furniture retailer in 2016 ran a series of ads called "Where life happens", in which it touched on topics such as divorce and single-parent households.

If the woman is pregnant the discounted price will appear in red below the original amount listed in the ad.

"What could be more true to this than the moment of creating life?" "For scaling up of this technique and adopting it to the physical format of a printed ad, Mercene Labs has used their experience in development of surface active materials for microfluidics and medical diagnostics". "This ad is all about that".

Pregnancy is associated with higher concentrations of hGC, and tests show positive if certain levels of hGC are found in the sample.

The ad, running in Amelia Magazine, one of Sweden's most influential magazine's for women, features a popular item - a crib - and a message that might draw a double take, CBS Los Angeles reports. "If you are expecting, you will get a surprise right here in the ad". Baby gear can get expensive and any chance at saving money would be a huge help to many families.

"In order to make the interactive functions of this ad work in reality, we had to make several technical advancements", the agency explained, according to Adweek.

Yeah, not a fun situation.

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