Dark Souls Remastered Will Look Phenomenal On Xbox One and PS4

Dark Souls Remastered Will Look Phenomenal On Xbox One and PS4

The multiplayer functionality has been bolstered as well, allowing up to six players to join together in a single session for jolly cooperation, up from the maximum of three in the original.

Having just checked my bank balance, I can confirm that I am in fact not dreaming.

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Dark Souls: Remastered enables players to explore the twisted ancient land of Lordran in the first title of the critically acclaimed action role-playing series like never before.

Kotaku UK is reporting that it has heard from "multiple sources" that Dark Souls 1 is getting a remastered version.

XBOX ONE - 1080p display at 60fps.

It's now only scheduled for Japan, and only for the PlayStation 4, but includes a set of bookends; a 1,000 page B6-size (so 12.5 x 17.6cm) encyclopaedia of equipment, items, and magic; 10 art prints, including some all-new pieces of artwork; and two soundtrack CDs for each game. According to Nintendo the Switch version will also feature an improved frame rate, and run at a higher resolution than previous releases. Handheld mode - 720p at 30fps.

Personally, I'm liking the sound of all of the above. Dark Souls: Remastered is now pending a final rating with the ESRB and will carry a MSRP of $39.99 on consoles. Native 4k and unconverted 2k texture packs?

Dark Souls Remastered will release for Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC on May 25th. Fortunately, mods have helped.

Nintendo posted a Direct presentation today, in which it teases the remake of Dark Souls Remastered in the final segment with a short, but dramatic trailer. Nevertheless, the challenging, but rewarding nature of Dark Souls inspired an entire genre of games, like 2015's PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne. We do not know that if it will be available for other countries.

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