Canada schoolgirl attacked by a man over her hijab

Canada schoolgirl attacked by a man over her hijab

A preteen Muslim girl was simply walking to school when a man she didn't know began following her, allegedly trying to cut her hijab off her head twice.

Toronto police are investigating an alleged hate crime after a man reportedly cut a hijab off an 11-year-old girl.

"It's just not Canada", she said. He then smiled and ran away. We followed this crowd of people to be safe.

Police described the assailant as an Asian male wearing a black hoodie and glasses. He wore glasses, a black hoodie and black trousers.

"The man has fled", Const. David Hopkinson said. "Given the nature of what he had used it for, yes, it's a bit of a public safety issue". "This is bad and I do not like it".

"This girl was fearless enough to confront the man, look at the man and make a noise, which is very good for her to realize this is wrong".

"I felt really scared and confused", Khawlah Noman told CBC.

"Me and my brother were walking together to school and sadly someone assaulted me by cutting my hijab two times". It's not right and he should get help.

"I'm just so happy she's safe", Samad said fighting back tears as she explained that, in her 25 years living in Canada, she had never experienced such an incident. His expressed his support for the young girl and said he hoped she understood that "this is not what Canada is, and that is not what Canadians are... This is not who we are". I want her and her family and her friends and community to know that that is not what Canada is and that is not who Canadians are. She said she was on the sidewalk when she sensed a man behind her and turned to find him holding scissors.

Wearing a hijab, she said, is a sacred part of the Muslim religion.

"The girl was fearless enough to confront the man, make some noise and then proceed to walk with a bunch of other kids realizing there's safety in numbers", she said. "We don't know what motivated the attack".

'"I was just very sad", Samad said.

The Toronto District School Board confirmed the attack took place, and said the girl is in the sixth grade.

It happened near Pauline Johnson Public School in the Warden Avenue and Sheppard Avenue East area in Scarborough.

"Toronto Police and the student's family were immediately contacted by the school", he said.

"We are shocked to learn of this assault and we will be working closely with police to offer any assistance that we can", Bird told CP24. "In the meantime, we're offering supports to the impacted student and her family", said Bird.

The school serves almost 300 kindergarten to grade six students "of diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds", according to the local school board.

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