Bear attacks Florida man letting his dog out

Bear attacks Florida man letting his dog out

After being knocked to the ground, Meunier managed to make a run for it but not before sustaining a deep wound to his face that took 41 stitches to suture.

It all came to pass Tuesday night, just on 11 p.m. when Meunier, a resident of Amberton Townhomes complex just east of Interstate 75, was making his strides when he noticed the 'surprise animal' standing next to him.

The bear attacked Meunier, swiping his face with its paw.

"Truthfully, I'm not sure how I got out alive", Meunier said. "It was just as scary as you can imagine", he told WZVN.

"It felt like somebody punch me", he said. "I tried to run and wasnt fast enough".

Meunier maganed to somehow get away from the bear and enter his apartment again.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission setup traps in the surrounding area by Meunier's home in Naples in hopes of catching the bears before they hurt anyone else. "I look like I got in a fight with Wolverine".

Meunier suffered several cuts across his head and chest, and was transported to a local hospital for treatment. "It could've been a totally different story", said Meunier.

A community in Naples fears for their safety-as wildlife officials rush to trap bears showing up in the community.

Andrew Meunier say around 11:00 p.m. he made a decision to let his small dog out of his apartment.

He said he's seen bears in the area before, but Meunier is the first reported person ever to be attacked by a bear in South Florida.

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