A 21-Year-Old Bodybuilder Suddenly Died From Flu Complications

A 21-Year-Old Bodybuilder Suddenly Died From Flu Complications

"We saw him the 23rd for our family Christmas get-together and we noticed he wasn't feeling well". When Baughman came home to visit during the holidays however, he appeared to be sick.

Baughman planned to just take it easy for a few days and ride out the virus, but his symptoms worsened and he died a few days later. He was running a fever on and off. He was hurried Wednesday to your Westmoreland County emergency room and airlifted to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, in which he died just hours later.

He died less than 24 hours after arriving, on December 28.

"People who are infected with an influenza virus may develop sepsis". Baughman told the outlet her son was sent home early due to his condition. He was also coughing and complaining of chest pain.

In some cases, people are misunderstanding the common infection as flu, which is also becoming a reason for death.

Kyler initially fell ill on December 23 with what his family thought was a standard winter cold. His family says that he did not get a flu shot. Stay safer and guided about different aspects of flu.

As of last week, Flu-related death rates were just under epidemic levels at 6.7 percent of all deaths in the US. CDC recommends that people get a flu vaccine by the end of October, if possible.

H3N2 is known for causing more severe flu symptoms and mutates more quickly than other strains, making it hard to predict and treat.

Baughman was a bodybuilder and had won awards for in competitions over the years.

Mother Beverly told that before his death Kyler was extremely fit and was going to school to become a personal trainer.

Kyler Baughman seemed to be the face of fitness. It was unclear if he had any other underlying issues or if his immune system was further compromised at the time he contracted the sickness.

Baughman told WPXI she believes her son didn't grasp the magnitude of his condition and thought he'd "rest a little bit" and feel better. "One of the physicians where he was at signed off on the death certificate". Her relationship status on the social networking site is listed as "engaged".

Baughman's parents hope that their son's case will prompt people to seek urgent medical help if they experience any of these symptoms.

"Try and know your body; don't let things go", Kyler's father, Todd Baughman, told WPXI.

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