Woman arrested for smoking on airplane, threatening to kill fellow passengers

Woman arrested for smoking on airplane, threatening to kill fellow passengers

A Southwest Airlines flight from Portland to Sacramento on Saturday took a startling turn when an agitated woman started shouting that she was going to "kill everyone on this (expletive) plane", according to a report.

The airline explained that crew dealt with the woman until she was met by police when the plane landed. "I swear if you don't. land, I will f--ing kill everybody on this f--ing plane!"

The TV quoted a passenger as saying that the woman was removed from the plane's bathroom when people discovered she was smoking inside.

Southwest Airlines addressed the incident in a statement issued to The Sacramento Bee.

Valerie Curbelo was arrested and charged with the felony of making a death threat after coming unhinged when flight attendants prevented her from smoking.

Federal regulations prohibit smoking on an aircraft or tampering with a smoke detector, which is typically punished by a fine.

'The pilots declared an emergency to receive priority handling from air traffic controllers, and our crew handled the situation on board until the plane landed and local authorities stepped in.

The average flight time from Portland International Airport to Sacramento International Airport is 1 hour and 23 minutes, according to Flight Sphere.

During the flight, Curbelo went to the lavatory to smoke, Hampton said.

When a reporter from CBS 13 asked Curbelo why she made the threat, she replied that she was confused by her behavior.

A passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight threatened to kill the flight's passengers and crew on Saturday.

When the crew tried to return Curbelo to her seat, she became agitated and confronted them. She remained in custody at the Sacramento County Main Jail as of Monday night.

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