Why Hugh Jackman turned down 007 role

Why Hugh Jackman turned down 007 role

Hugh Jackman just revealed in an interview with Variety that he turned down the role after being called to step into the famous suit of the MI6 spy.

Hugh Jackman said the scripts for James Bond were becoming too "unbelievable" for him to want to join the franchise.

"I was about to do X-Men 2 and a call came from my agent asking if I'd be interested in Bond", he said. However, the actor felt the franchise wasn't gritty enough at the time and chose to opt out of portraying James Bond.

Hugh also revealed that he decided not to apply for his licence to kill as we has told by producers that he would have no say in the character's direction. The response was: 'Oh, you don't get a say.

"I was also anxious that between Bond and X-Men, I'd never have time to do different things", Hugh added.

Craig went on to star in four Bond films, with a fifth and final movie expected in 2019.

Ironically, those four Bond films did take a much more realistic approach to the franchise's predecessors.

In another universe, X-Men fans would have had Hugh Jackman playing double-o-seven in films like The World Is Not Enough, Tomorrow Never Dies, Die Another Day and GoldenEye.

Finally, Daniel Craig reportedly confirmed that he will reprise the role as 007.

Speaking to Variety magazine, he shared: "I always tried to do different things". People wanted me to play that kind of hero part exclusively. "It felt a little bit claustrophobic", he said.

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