Wants His Star Trek Film To Be R-Rated

Wants His Star Trek Film To Be R-Rated

If you've been following the movie news in the past few days, you've probably heard about the utterly weird tale of the JJ Abrams-produced and Quentin Tarantino-involved Star Trek movie, which went from idle fanboy dream to on the studio fast-track in the span of about three days. Well, Deadline has some more juicy details regarding the progress of the film. However, with Star Trek only being based on an idea from him (rather than being wholly written and directed by him), we can't help but wonder if this will be more of a side deal for him, than his actual 10th film. Frontrunner among these possible writers will be Mark L. Smith, who's best known for penning the script for The Revenant.

The biggest requirement is that Mr Tarantino demanded to Abrams and Paramount Pictures that the film is rated R. The two parties actually agreed on this despite there never being an R rated Star Trek movie in history. Not because Smith isn't a good fit for the project or that he's a particularly bad writer, but that it'll be the first time that QT will be potentially directing a film that he himself didn't write. The expensive R film has only come back into vogue in recent years with tentpoles like Mad Max: Fury Road, Logan, Deadpool, and Blade Runner 2049. His Star Trek movie could go into production shortly after that releases in August 2019. The second installment, Star Trek Into Darkness, earned more than $460 million worldwide when it opened in May 2013.

Also according to the report, Tarantino has asked for an R-rating for this potential project, which is not surprising given his filmography is nearly entirely R-rated films.

The other key thing that's been revealed about the movie is its rating - apparently, true to Tarantino's main body of work, this film will enjoy an R-rating. What do you guys think of a Star Trek movie from Quentin Tarantino? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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