Overwatch League skins won't be in loot boxes

Overwatch League skins won't be in loot boxes

Nate said that the team uniform system that was already introduced at the Overwatch World Cup will be applied the same way in the League as well, and all uniforms of the 12 teams that are participating in the first season will be updated in the game at the start of the League. It is said that the tokens will become an indicator of each team's popularity and players' taste in the skin. However, this hasn't only been created for the professional players, as the others can show their support for a certain team by sporting their uniform. This means that players will be able to wear the uniform which represents them no matter what character they play. According to Nanzer, while all 12 Overwatch League team skins will be available for all the heroes of the game, players will need to spend a new in-game currency named Overwatch League tokens.

When Overwatch League kicks off in early 2018, you'll be able to support your team by buying their representative skin. "I owe so much to the Fusion for giving me a second chance, and I want to start competing for them as soon as possible".

The Overwatch League tokens will be used for all the in-game items related to the league and could not be used to buy loot boxes.

On the surface, the system isn't too dissimilar from what we've seen in games like CS:GO, which have esports-specific cosmetic crates and in-game player autograph stickers that support the pro scene. Blizzard, through a video by league commissioner Nate Nanzer, finally confirmed that fans who are looking to also dress up their heroes with Overmatch League team skins will be able to do so next year. Playing eSports is quite costly, so splitting some profits with the teams is always welcome. Nanzer said that Blizzard made a decision to implement this system "to ensure that the correct amounts from your League-related purchases go towards the teams".

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