New iOS 12 Emojis Coming In 2018

New iOS 12 Emojis Coming In 2018

Among these emoji candidates we find a teddy bear, mango, party face, skateboard, swan, lobster, peacock, but more importantly "Afro" hair, white hair, and redheads!

Ginger men and women are in the shortlist for the next big emoji release next year, as are curly-haired characters to better represent diversity.

Emoji 11.0 (previously referred to as Emoji 6.0, but don't let that confuse you) is still a work in progress.

It's been a while since the Unicode Emoji Consortium released its sixth set of proposed emojis last June, with a follow up in August (which offered up a drunken face and unhappy poo, oddly enough).

Another interesting feature that may actually be more exciting than the addition of these new iOS 12 emojis is the capability to use reversible emojis.

There are also new animals such as raccoons and llamas, new food & drink items, a new cracker emoji filed under "activities", new objects, tools, household items, symbols, and more. The final list will be confirmed in the first quarter of next year, with a decision in January and an announcement in March. For instance, you could change the direction of that runner emoji to face left or right depending on your preference.

So why not allow users to simply choose the direction they want their emoji to face? However, that can cause a definite change in meaning when exchanging text across platforms. That being said the glyphs will only be applied for emoji's that benefit from them.

As Emojipedia points out, in past years, most of the final candidates have been included in the final release, so here's hoping that we will see these on our phones and laptops next year.

Developers can now access Emoji 11.0 data files from Unicode in order to test and provide feedback.

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