Louisiana's homeless population declines almost 20% since 2016, according to HUD report

Louisiana's homeless population declines almost 20% since 2016, according to HUD report

The latest numbers from the U.S. Department of Housing and Development show this is the first time homelessness has gone up in Utah in six years.

In contrast, the HUD report revealed a long-running decline in homelessness continuing in most other regions.

"There are days when I don't want to wake up", said 30-year-old Ashley, who found herself homeless in July after being evicted and losing her job.

Homelessness increased in the United States, especially among people with long-term disabling conditions according to HUD's Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress.

The data also shows more of those people are going unsheltered compared to a year ago, meaning they're likely sleeping on the streets. That, too, was an increase from the previous year.

Of those people experiencing homelessness, 41 percent were unsheltered, meaning they were staying in a public or private place not meant to accommodate a sleeping person, like a park bench or a vehicle.

- Chronic or long-term homelessness among individuals increased 44.6 percent ( or 418 persons ) over 2016 levels and declined by 36.4 percent since 2010. The creep is due in part to significant increases in big metro areas in California, New York and Texas.

The overall homeless figure was down by 13 percent on a national scale since 2010 and the unsheltered number has dropped by 17 percent over that seven-year span, although some changes in methodology and definitions over the years can affect comparisons.

-Fourth in the number of homeless individuals (as opposed to those in families), 7,571.

Most homeless (360,867) were in emergency shelters or transitional housing programs while 192,875 were unsheltered.

Back in January, a local point-in-time count found that 11,643 were experiencing homelessness in King County.

- Meanwhile, local communities in IL report the number of persons experiencing long-term chronic homelessness increased by 44 percent ( or 451 individuals ) and homeless Veterans decreased by 85 or 9% since 2016. Since 2010, however, Veteran homelessness in Arkansas declined 46.1 percent.

- The number of unaccompanied homeless youth and children in 2017 is estimated to be 730 youth. This year, HUD and local communities launched a more intense effort to more accurately account for this important, hard to count population. "This is not a federal problem-it's everybody's problem".

HUD says more than 4,800 of Indiana's homeless residents were found in emergency shelters or transitional housing and almost 570 were living on the streets. HUD will treat 2017 as a baseline year for purposes of tracking progress toward reducing youth homelessness. Currently, there are 385 homeless veterans marking a 4.25 percent decrease since 2016 and an overall decrease of 68.7 percent since 2010.

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