LaVar Ball says LiAngelo and LaMelo have signed with agent Harrison Gaines

LaVar Ball says LiAngelo and LaMelo have signed with agent Harrison Gaines

"I don't care about the money", LaVar Ball said while announcing the news. "The priority is for the boys to play on the same team". However, the elder Ball told ESPN that won't be the case.

LiAngelo Ball is not considered an National Basketball Association prospect, but LaMelo Ball might be, depending on his development.

Lavar Ball recently pulled LiAngelo Ball from UCLA after the freshman was suspended from play indefinitely following a shoplifting incident during UCLA basketball's trip to China.

However, the National Basketball Association has what is known as the 'one-and-done rule, ' requiring players to be at least one year removed from high school or at least 19 years of age before entering the league, which is why the pair are looking to sign outside the United States.

It was unlikely that LiAngelo Ball would have played much this season - he was already going to come off the bench - and LaMelo Ball is still a major question mark.

Agent Harrison Gaines represents all three of Ball's sons, including Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo. That information comes from LaVar Ball. It's a future that has nearly certainly been made more unlikely by this move.

Teams in Europe and Asia have expressed interest in the brothers, according to ESPN.

"I don't know the deals and who is offering what", Ball told ESPN. "I'm letting Harrison handle all that, but I know there are a few teams interested".

A professional team in Lithuania has offered the Ball Brothers a job, but not the one they are looking for. As a former middle school basketball coach, I've witness firsthand how parents think little Johnny or Susan are the next great Olympians and anyone who tells them otherwise is insane and doesn't know what they're talking about.

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