House passes stopgap spending bill to avert weekend shutdown

House passes stopgap spending bill to avert weekend shutdown

Republicans carried the measure to passage, with a vote of 235-193, with about a dozen Democrats voting in favor as well. Congressional leaders from both parties plan budget talks with President Donald Trump at the White House on Thursday. Those are the roughly 700,000 immigrants in the country illegally who were brought to the children. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said at a press conference on Thursday that it is one of the party's priorities.

The measure passed in the House on a 235-193 vote Thursday, mostly along party lines, and would keep the government running through December 22. GOP leaders have historically needed bipartisan support to pass spending bills through the House.

Without support from their own conservatives, House GOP leaders would need backing from Democrats to push a temporary measure through the chamber.

The House has voted to avert a partial government shutdown that could have come Friday night.

In exchange for their vote on a short-term funding bill, they demanded Republican leadership consider pushing the length of the measure at least through the end of the month. Fourteen Democrats supported the measure, however, while 18 Republicans were opposed.

Pelosi said Democrats were not willing to shut down the government over the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA) program, but she also said "we will not leave here without a DACA fix".

The short-term legislation is created to give bargainers more time to address remaining disputes over spending levels and other issues that have been folded into the year-end mix, including immigration and health care.

Though Democrats haven't formally said they will back the legislation, Senate Minority Leader Charles SchumerCharles (Chuck) Ellis SchumerAmerica isn't ready to let Sessions off his leash Schumer celebrates New York Giants firing head coach: "About time" GOP should reject the left's pessimism and the deficit trigger MORE (D-N.Y.) noted on Thursday morning that they are making good progress on budget deal talks. He called keeping the government running "just basic governing".

Democrats are seeking permanent legal status for so-called DREAMers as part of a long-term government funding deal.

"The point is we're having the kind of family discussion that we need to have about how to proceed forward with a majority, and I'm confident we will have that", the Wisconsin Republican said.

The House speaker outlined the bill's legislative process and critiqued the current tax code.

The two Democrats said in a statement that nothing specific had been agreed at the meeting, which included a briefing from Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis about military issues.

"If a shutdown happens as the president seemed to be rooting for earlier in his tweet this year, it will fall on his shoulders", he said on the Senate floor Thursday. "So they're not showing up for the meeting", Trump told reporters last week.

Most analysts say the final version will most likely resemble the Senate's, and have cited a 75 percent chance the bill will be signed by the president this year.

With the budget chafing under spending caps imposed by a 2011 bipartisan budget deal, Democrats want defense and domestic programs to get equal funding increases.

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