Ford Sues Celebrity Wrestler For Breaking Contract

Ford Sues Celebrity Wrestler For Breaking Contract

"My sincerest apologies", Cena told Ford.

Ford had the luxury of being able to pick and choose who it wanted to sell a GT to, and it only gave the green light to rich and/or famous individuals who had prior relationships with Ford cars or a massive affinity for the brand - and could prove it. John Cena, in the position he is, was judged a ideal "ambassador" for the vehicle and for Ford.

Ford is taking John Cena to court after the WWE Superstar sold a $500,000 Ford GT, TMZ Sports reported Thursday.

One of the interesting pieces of information that have been revealed about the lawsuit is a claim that Cena sold the Ford GT as well as some of his other possessions to pay his bills, which suggests that he might be in financial trouble of some trouble.

The GT is, of course, highly desirable, but Ford doesn't want to see owners buy and flip the vehicle to make a profit of it when that money could've been theirs-hence the two-years-of-ownership clause. According to the lawsuit, the wrestler texted: "I completely understand and as stated am willing to work with you and Ford to make it right".

According to Road & Track's legal expert, Steve Lehto, this lawsuit isn't shocking.

Interestingly, Ford aren't the only manufacturer to put these contracts in place, with Ferrari and Toyota reportedly issuing strict terms of ownership on their top-of-the-line models.

"Most people who are unfamiliar with contracts like that don't think they'll hold up but they will".

"Ford's lawsuit said Cena's Application Programme appeal included the line, "[If] I were to be deemed fit for ownership I would most certainly use every vehicle of communication to let the world know about the auto, the brand, and the experience". "Those buyers are happy to sign to get those cars".

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