East Texans spend Pearl Harbor day remembering those affected

East Texans spend Pearl Harbor day remembering those affected

On the 76th anniversary of the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, the St. Joseph chapter of the Military Officers Association of America along with the Atchison Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post held a special ceremony in remembrance of all who were killed on Sunday, Dec. 7, 1941.

After the Pearl Harbor attack, and for the first time during years of discussion and debate, the American people were united in their determination to go to war.

"World War II was an indication of what would happen to America", Nelson said. The following day, the USA and the United Kingdom declared war on Japan.

"It's important that we do this every year because we need to remember the sacrifices that those soldiers and sailors and airmen made on that day", Lieutenant Commander Fred Gage, retired U.S. Navy said.

On Thursday, President Donald Trump signed a proclamation honoring National Pearl Harbor Day. "Within six months, the critical victories at the Battle of Coral Sea and Midway, the Pacific Fleet sailors and civilian sailors had delivered a blow to the adversary that shifted the momentum of the war, thanks in no small part to Station Hypo's dogged tenacity", the admiral said. "I went down to the mess hall on the second deck and they had a big old radio in there and they had the news on it and the first thing I heard was that the Oklahoma was on fire and the West Virginia was still fightin'".

"When I looked up and saw the red ball on the fuselage I knew it wasn't our plane", he said.

Veterans of several wars were among the crowd of onlookers on the pier next to the USS Cassin Young and onboard the vessel, including the two Pearl Harbor survivors - Freeman K. Johnson, of Centerville, and Emery Arsenault, of Peabody.

To commemorate the moment the Japanese attacked, a ceremonial wreath was laid into Lake Como at 12:55 p.m., which was the exact time in DE the first bomb hit the naval base.

It was somber, to be sure, but it was also a way for those being honored to connect with other veterans and to help keep the memory of those who died alive. "Heroes whose honor, courage and commitment amidst adversity continues to inspire generations of American service members today".

The event was orchestrated by the Chicago Park District and the Chicago Navy Memorial Foundation.

"It caused us all to come together and work hard to win", he said. At 8:10, a 1,800-pound bomb smashed through the deck of the battleship USS Arizona and landed in her forward ammunition magazine. Soon after, the US was fully involved in World War II.

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