Create Christmas trees for small spaces

Create Christmas trees for small spaces

Christmas trees are in short supply in many states this winter, because not enough were planted during the Great Recession, following the 2008 financial crisis.

The challenge is felt most acutely by small-scale, independent nurseries and vendors, which do not have the large contracts with Christmas tree farms that big box stores, such as Lowe's, Home Depot, Walmart, and Costco, hash out years in advance.

Lights, candles and holiday trinkets should be thought of as fire hazards, especially when they're near something as flammable as a tree.

The National Christmas Tree Association data shows that consumers spent 30 percent more on Christmas trees in 2016 than the previous year.

Deputy Chief Greg Kleinberg says, "We've investigated Christmas tree fires here, a lot of times there might be a problem with the wiring or it's too close to a heat source".

FEATURED IMAGE: Discarded and snowy Christmas trees at the City of Dallas drop off site on East Northwest Highway in 2011. Make sure the location in the home can accommodate a bit of moisture and mud.

"If you're putting a Christmas tree up, make sure you cut two inches off the bottom of it so it can absorb that water, and daily, check that water and add the water daily", Mooney said.

The question: Is a real Christmas tree better for the environment than a fake one? Also, while the tree is growing, it's removing carbon dioxide from the air and turning it back into oxygen. Some areas let residents compost real trees.

Living trees can't stay in the house longer than seven days or it compromises their ability to be returned to the wild of your landscaped yard.

But if you plan to reuse your artificial tree, which most people do, the environmental impact eventually tips in favour of the artificial tree.

Florida's 2017 state Christmas tree was lit at the capitol Wednesday morning by Governor Rick Scott and his wife Ann.

"With the wet tree, we nearly had difficulty getting it to light off because it was wet, it was taken care of", Sedlacek said. "I tend to buy at the last minute and they always have good trees here, although they are more expensive this year".

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