Cleaning lady called 911 after finding R Kelly's homes emptied

Cleaning lady called 911 after finding R Kelly's homes emptied

Georgia police announced on Wednesday that they identified a suspect who they say stole absolutely everything out of R. Kelly's two Atlanta homes while the singer was on tour, then probably sold the items off.

Kelly's housekeeper contacted authorities on November 26 when she arrived to discover "everything was gone", according to a police report.

But when contacted by police, Kelly's staff said Walker was only a part-time employee and was never told to empty out the mansions, TMZ reported.

Captain Byers said several valuables were taken from the home, including furniture, clothing, and television sets. She walked into Kelly's house and found it empty.

Law enforcement sources tell us detectives happened to catch 3 men leaving one of the houses in a van, and brought them in for questioning.

"Everything they could get into the truck that week they took", Capt. Chris Byers told Channel 2's Mike Petchenik.

Walker faces charges of burglary and theft by deception.

One Snellville man who purchased items told Petchenik the situation has been a "nightmare" for him.

Neighbors said they saw trucks coming in the middle of the night to load up on the musician' belongings.

Byers told BuzzFeed News that Walker sold Kelly's possessions "a room at a time".

The Atlanta Police issued an arrest warrant for Walker after he failed to turn himself in Tuesday.

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