California wildfires halt production on "SWAT", "Westworld"

California wildfires halt production on

On Monday, "Westworld" and CBS's "S.W.A.T." ceased production as multiple wildfires burned in and around Los Angeles County. HBO and CBS, which produce the two shows respectively, have also issued a statement regarding the halting of production. Both shows are shot near Santa Clarita, in Los Angeles County, where a fire erupted this morning and grew rapidly throughout the day. "Safety of cast and crew come first". Jerry Brown, governor of Ventura County, has declared a state of emergency in the area. HBO released a statement on Tuesday that reads, "due to nearby wildfires, Westworld stopped production earlier today and will resume filming as soon as it's safe to do so". As a result, the 5 Freeway closed, impacting traffic on the major roads. Showrunner Jonathan Nolan has said that the production for Westworld 2 will be twice as ambitious as the first season, but we still have no idea just how upped the ante is. However, a few water-dropping helicopters have already reached the scene.

"'Westworld' is now scheduled to resume shooting today", HBO said in a statement to CNN.

Meanwhile, HBO confirmed that production has halted on "Westworld", which is due to return for a second season in 2018.

The dystopian show is now filming its second season in an area close to the fires, but producers were concerned about the danger to actors and crew.

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